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My name's Mark Pauley. I'm a DJ (Pauley Unsaturated), a Producer, a Software Engineer and I live in San Francisco, California. I love life.



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Get With It

In the spirit of keeping my style fresh, I took a different approach to this track.  I produced and arranged (and designed the sounds) on the bus.
I spent a bit of time at the end of the process just mixing everything down to perfect the sound, then ran the whole thing through a limiter to [...]

Leave A Crater

Here’s my newest track, hope you dig it!

Pauley Unsaturated

Semisexual Label Tour in SF!

Mr. Projectile’s excellent Semisexual Records is back, after a brief hiatus in it’s release schedule.
In celebration, Matthew Arnold (Mr. Projectile / founder of Semisexual Records) is going on tour of the western United States. His new live set is mind-blowing, computer free and not to be taken if you are also taking an [...]

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Poison Oak…

Phew. After Nearly two weeks of varying degrees of pain and irritation, I’m finally nearing baseline. Let me start with the beginning.
Two weeks ago (the saturday after thanksgiving) I went on a hike in the forest near Santa Cruz, California with some good friends. We were hunting for Bolete (Porcini) mushrooms, which [...]


Here’s a 4-stage Moog-modeling filter plugin I wrote in C for Mac OSX using the AudioUnits API.  The plugin works great with any AudioUnit compatible host.
Filterizer has two main modes: analog and conventional.  Personally I only use the plugin in analog mode (it’s so much more buttery that way).  The filter cutoff LFO comes with [...]

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Burn It Down

Here’s my first track with my new TR-808. I love acid.

Revenge of Count Jackula

I’ve got a new funky new mix for all of you tricksters. So jacking, it’s spooky!

Revenge of Count Jackula.mp3
Victor Cassanova – Italoboyz (Lee Curtiss Remix) – Mothership
Colici – Miss Fitz – Raum Musik
Moon Jelly – A Guy Called Gerald – Perlon
The FIlth – Gamal Kabar – Poker Flat
Rumburak – Benno Blome (Barem Remix) – [...]

Train Drive

Here’s part one of my current music project, the train series.  I’m currently wrapping the project up into a proper release.
Contact me if you’d like a demo.

Dirtybird Pre-Lovefest party at The Mezzanine

Just a reminder:
Friday, October 3, 2008 at 10:00pm – 4:00am
at The Mezzanine
444 Jessie Street
San Francisco, CA
I’ll be rocking the upstairs lounge hosted by Hookerz n Blow, starting at 10:00pm!
See you there!

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Summer is Gone

Summer is officially over, and that means it’s time for a mix. Here is some jack to drop your pH. Enjoy!

Summer is Gone.mp3

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