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My name's Mark Pauley. I'm a DJ (Pauley Unsaturated), a Producer, a Software Engineer and I live in San Francisco, California. I love life.



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To round out my noise maker posts, here is a really old project of mine. SineSweeper was the very first project I wrote to the CoreAudio API for Mac OS X. I started it in 2004, and added some more waveforms, and turned a bug in the original into a knob! This [...]

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Snarks is a program I wrote using Max/MSP a few years ago. It’s a sweet granular synthesizer that you can use to slow down, glitch out, speed up, adjust the pitch of and scramble any audio you have.
It’s Mac OSX only, comes with a record button, and makes amazing sounds pretty easily. Just [...]

MIDI Sync Sucks

I was down in Santa Cruz at a friends house this thanksgiving weekend with some people trying to get a jam session going.  Everyone brought a piece of gear.  All counted, we had my TR-808, my x0xb0x, a MacBook Pro with a MOTU and Ableton Live 7, an Elektron Machine Drum and a Korg electribe [...]

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Nexus Pyrosphere editor (Milestone 2)

And here we have the ability to select the vertices..
As before, use the arrow keys to rotate the model.

Nexus Pyrosphere editor (milestone 1)

Check it out, I’m working on an editor to program the Nexus Pyrosphere!! A 25-foot diameter, 96 vertex geodesic sphere with individually accessible torches on every vertex.

New Sounds

Here is a quick preview of some sweet music that has come out of sessions I’ve been doing with ACK (Kyle Griffin).

Ant Acid Crew

Ant Acid Crew is Pauley Unsaturated (Mark Pauley) and Stridah (Kyle Griffin).
We play live acid house / acid breaks / acid acid with analog gear and a sampler. Specifically, we’re using a Korg Electribe Sampler, a Future Retro Revolution, a x0xb0x (#397 holla!), a Roland TR-808, a Moog Little Phatty Stage and an Apple MacBookPro [...]

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The Amateur Exorcisms EP

I’ve been working with my good friend Matthew Arnold to revive his Semisexual label after a three year hiatus. The first in a series of releases has finally returned to us in the form of a 5-copy test pressing. The release is an EP by Material Object titled “Amateur Exorcisms”.
Fans of [...]

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Mu Blaze-ons

A new mix by Pauley Unsaturated.
In which I irradiate your eardrums with some bass particles.

Download Link Here.

I’ll be playing at MELTDOWN

I’m playing for the Nexus heads in Tahoe on March 21st.
Tons of fun in the snow, make sure you check it out:
I think there’s a deal with boarding, get in contact with nexus to find out.
More info here

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